Happy Sagittarius Season – Horoscopes

Happy Sagittarius Season – Horoscopes

Horoscopes for Sagittarius Season by Nyssa Grazda


November 22 – December 21st

As the Sun enters Sagittarius and we ascend from the ashes of Scorpio season, opportunities arise to recommit to education through direct engagement, participation and experience. A sense of enthusiasm permeates the cultural climate, arousing desire to affect change in line with our values.

At the moment of the Sun’s ingress, the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus in Scorpio forms an exact square to the North and South Nodes of the Moon. With these aspects in place, the root energy of Sag season promises to highlight the themes of karmic revolution and transmutation that we have become acquainted with over the past year. After the intensity of Scorpio season, I’m sure some of us are looking forward to the end of 2017, but if anything, the last month or so sees a ramping up, not a slowing down, of the cultural zeitgeist. Did we expect to get off easy?

The Moon’s conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn suggests that our emotional equilibrium this month is still at the mercy of the socio-political climate. Yet, simultaneously, we find that our dreams more readily inform and engage the dynamic of transformation. Our voices mean something to the wider dialogue. Our thoughts are catalysts for change. Recognition of shadow within structure is a transformative act in itself. Sag season sees us intuitively inspecting the role of the individual (that’s me and you) in upholding systemic oppression, and stresses that we take some responsibility. Our eyes continue to open. Venus in Scorpio in square to the North and South Node find us examining how our covetous impulses and obsessions keep us from pursuing karmic providence. Our psychic and empathic instincts need a platform on which to healthily manifest, one that does not impede social progress or hinder our ability to use our gifts in an enlightened way.

In addition, we have to make it through Mercury’s final retrograde period of the year, emphasizing due diligence in fact checking, speaking with honor instead of cockiness, and not taking anything on blind faith (a M.O. of the centaur). The risk is optimistically assuming that good vibes solve sweeping issues, when injustice can only be countered with engagement. Open minds and open hearts. Idealistic rationale. These are the themes of the month to come.

Brief Overview of Major Ingresses / Lunations / Retrogrades:

November 21st – Sun Enters Sagittarius: We step into new awareness of ourselves via the expansion of our perspective on the world and its diversity of experience. Ethics are spotlighted, cross-cultural exploration is galvanized.

December 1st – Venus Enters Sagittarius: We find our bliss in adventure. Future-oriented goals. Relationships formed under the umbrella of idealism.  Expansions in partnership are spotlighted.

December 3rd – Full Moon 11 Degrees Gemini: We find balance in the polarity between “knowing” and “feeling”, “truth” and “fact”. We let go of what we think we understand to make room for new information.

December 3rd – Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: We continue to ride the energy of the Full Moon, as dictated by Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, moving backwards through Sag. Reevaluating our understanding of ethical, philosophical and moral concepts. Restricting our focus to facets of the big picture rather than to its’ unchecked expansion. Thinking before you speak. Delays in travel; holiday commuting fun.

December 9th – Mars Enters Scorpio: We learn how to wield our personal power to protect the powerless. Taking necessary actions that may read as extreme, being thus stimulated by passionate impulse. Honesty even when it is uncomfortable.

December 18th – New Moon 26 degrees Sagittarius: We set intentions around self-discovery, enlisting emotional wanderlust as a catalyst for visionary exploits.

December 19th – Saturn enters Capricorn: We build, we stabilize, we create systems that reflect the ethical standards reconsidered during Saturn’s time in Sagittarius. New law. New Order.


My dear Aries, have you been feeling a little rootless? You may have found yourself without solid home base for much of the year, leaning into the act of reinvention and shedding skin, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, using partnership and your partner’s standards of “home” as a means of stability. These examples delineate two extremes – are you running towards self-awareness or away from it? Sag season sees you in a period of exteriorization and experiential learning. However, being in constant motion doesn’t give you much time to process at the heart level, much less stop to smell the roses, and this can instigate a feeling of identity crisis. Now, that’s not to say you should cease exploration to put down roots- far from it. Rather, this month’s lesson is about centering yourself in the narrative, regardless of external factors. With the Sun moving through your 9th house of travel, a holiday adventure on your own terms could be the key to a renewed sense of purpose. The lunar cycle will be particularly potent for you this month, so pay attention to your emotional state and trust it. December third’s Full Moon invites you to find the balance between living your truth and feeling your feels, but pesky Mercury retrograde in tandem may trigger a loss of faith. Fight feelings of insignificance. Mars’ ingress into Scorpio on December 9th is a catalyst for reclaiming your autonomy. Pause to appreciate the magnitude of your undertakings and the depth of your bravery. You are a force and you should be proud of your accomplishments! The New Moon in Sag on December 18th will see you stepping into this profound awareness.


Have you been feeling particularly magical lately, Taurus? You may be taking inventory of past experiences, astonished by the toxic fears that held you back from realizing your own worth all these years. During Sag season, you convey an air of self-mastery that makes you a magnet for intense people and situations. But if your engagements aren’t true and raw and real, you don’t have the time. Your priority this month is an intimate relationship with your most exotic prospect – yourself. This enterprise requires smart emotional investments, as well as saying yes to your passions. The Full Moon on December 3rd will give you some insight into your comfort level on sharing – body, mind and spirit. Don’t feel like sharing? Guess what, you don’t have to, because you’ve worked hard and earned the right to put your needs first.  Venus moves into your 8th house of other people’s money on December 1st, though you’ll probably want to hold off making any long term financial commitments until after Mercury goes direct on December 22nd. With Mars’ ingress into your house of partnership, a new love interest may arrive at an inopportune time, but they’re into to you for all the right reasons.  The biggest challenge you face will be sussing out this person’s honest intentions from those of all the energy vampires knocking at your door. Let instinct and intuition guide you in making your choices. If you can curtail the stubbornness you are so renowned for, this is the perfect month for exploring intimacy without stifling your power to capitulate to someone else’s comfort level.


If your social life has recently experienced a few shake-ups, don’t despair Gemini! This month you’ll get a chance to mix with likeminded allies- those who share your ambitions and aspirations (in addition to being drawn to your boundless charisma, obviously). The Sun + Venus’ ingress into your house of partnerships will make you attractive during Sag season, but you need to take the initiative on forging connections from a place of authenticity. On December 3rd the Full Moon is in your sign, a great time for cleaning out your closet and discarding any costumes, literal and figurative, that no longer fit you. Set some intentions around this date. Ask yourself if your voice is being heard. Do you feel confident expressing yourself in partnership? Are your needs prioritized? What steps can you take to assert yourself in this arena? You call the shots and need to speak up regarding your expectations to avoid romantic misunderstandings. Any false talk, self-sacrifice or white lies, no matter how innocently intended, could veer into heartbreak territory during Mercury retrograde, so keep all flirtations on the up and up. The last two weeks of Sag Season may see you switching gears to focus on work. It will be essential to leave some time for self care to avoid a burnout, as you may not recognize exhaustion until you’re staring at its face in the mirror. Better mark your calendar for some non-negotiable blackout days in advance. A solo day trip or staycation mid-month may be just what the doctor ordered.


Feeling a little wiped out lately Cancer? Scorpio season’s intensity likely had your empathic / intuitive / bullshit radar going off daily. And the ride’s not over yet, my friend. With Jupiter spending the year in your 5th house, the quality of your life can experience a radical shift. There are some big creative opportunities available for you to reach out and grab. But in order to grab those brass rings, you have to take a hard look at how you came to be on the merry-go-round. First, establish the drains to your energy. They should be easy to identity post-Scorpio season. Reconfigure how much labor you want to invest in projects that don’t feed your soul. When you prioritize other people and their needs at the expense of your own, you run the risk of chronically depleting yourself, especially if there is no reciprocation to speak of. Where are you willing to put yourself first? As Mercury goes retrograde this month, you’ll have the opportunity to holistically reassess your views on wellness of body, mind and spirit, and cut cords with unhealthy habits (and – cough – humans). Try not to veer into self-criticism – you can’t take care of anyone else until you’ve taken care of you. The Full Moon in your Hidden House will powerfully connect you to your intuition. Listen to your gut. You already know the right moves to make.


This is the month to get inspired, Leo! You’re still heavily vibing off Jupiter in Scorpio’s lineage lessons and the thought is there – what legacy do I want to leave behind? If you are an artistic or business-minded lion, the game is in expression. With Saturn in your 5th house for one more month, there’s a creative plan that you want to establish (and receive some recognition for, I dare say). The Full Moon on December 3rd will give you some ideas on how to make your endeavor appealing to the masses, but may also have you second-guessing yourself and your project’s viability. Maybe you need to get fresh eyes on it instead of trying to control every aspect of its’ appearance and maintenance. Perhaps you could try asking for help (I know you hate that). Don’t hoard your creativity. Not everyone is out to steal your light. In tandem with the Full moon, Mercury retrograde throws a wrench in the wheel of strategy. This is a blessing in disguise, so don’t get discouraged. Hold off on that launch party. Don’t try to rush to get an assignment finished for a Christmas delivery. There’s a reason for this “setback” and in time there will be bigger and better opportunities. On December 19th, serious Saturn moves into your 6th house of work. Get ready to lace up those workboots and turn those creative ideas into a business model, hopefully with some assists. And have some fun. Life’s a stage, dammit.


Home life takes center stage for you this month Virgo. But how do you define “home”? Is it one established by ancestral convention, or one that you have crafted to insulate yourself from the former? The holiday season can be an opportunity to reconnect with your family and explore your roots. If you’re interested in where you come from and how that dynamic manifests itself in your life and lifestyle, this is a perfect time to sleuth. But opening up a dialogue around past events may simultaneously open up a can of worms, and Mercury retrograde in particular throws your lineage under scrutiny. Why do relatives hold grudges for years? Why do we separate ourselves along ideological lines? Why do we ignore familial wounds in the interest of appearances? Some painful situations may transpire during Sag season that trigger feelings of isolation from your loved ones. Especially after Mars exits Libra you won’t feel like ignoring the obvious, glossing over grievances or holding your tongue to keep peace, in fact you may get downright blunt. Before you leap down any throats, first try to communicate, letting others know your boundaries. It is important that you feel safe expressing yourself, but unless you’re part of a family of mind-readers, they may not know that they have offended you. Don’t let a misunderstanding become a 3-year silence. That being said, you don’t need to solve anyone else’s problems or nurture them through their hang-ups. At this time you will be called to release yourself from lineage blocks with compassion, so that you can establish your own sense of home and cut cords with ideology that does not need to serve as foundational in your life.


Things probably aren’t going your way at the moment, but they may be going exactly as planned; the plan you meticulously arranged – the plan you thought would make you happy. Tis’ the season for introspection for Libra. How much of you is the authentic you and how much of you is a construct built around your desire to please, perhaps a persona established in your youth that you can’t quite seem to ditch in adulthood? This month sees you redefining your essential value set and then learning how to open up about it to others, as the Sun is moves through your third house of communication. The Full Moon reestablishes your zeal for connecting with the truth of your own perspective, and using speech, songwriting, poetry or intonation as a cathartic act on December 3rd will bring you a great deal of relief. In tandem, Mercury goes retrograde until December 22nd and moves backwards through the terrain you’ve just covered, giving you a chance to reconsider identity from all angles and quietly process information that springs lightning-like into your periphery. During this time all of your hangups regarding appearances will seem less important, your purpose will become redefined and the clarity of your intentions sharpened, but you may not have the words to express this. Rest assured, your self-work is not for naught. Sag season is a time of transformation for you, but it won’t be an overnight process.


Beloved Scorpio, now that you have borne witness to the magnitude of your own power, Sag season invites you to redefine parameters around your sense of self-worth. With Jupiter in your Sun sign for the year to come, you’re recalibrating your frequency in order to be present and engage with the world’s abundance. Abundance of feeling. Abundance of shadow. Your processors are running at full speed. You are a conduit for a higher purpose, perhaps one you have just recently connected with, and though you know your calling, it doesn’t mean that new responsibility isn’t exhausting. This month as the Sun moves into Sag you’ll have the chance to establish energetic boundaries in line with your value set. If you’re not already doing so, get comfortable with saying “no” – just because you’re strong enough to take that extra shift, do that extra favor or excuse that extra idiotic suggestion, doesn’t mean you should. With Mercury stationing retrograde in your 2nd house, your words become currency and have a direct impact. Mars’ ingress into your 1st house on December 9th gives you the extra motivation to kick energy vampires to the curb. The keyword for you this month is “investment”. Investment in yourself and investment in battles where your voice is respected, your insight admired and your expertise heeded. The world needs warriors like you; don’t doubt your own magic! (Addendum: Mercury’s retrograde cycle moves through your money house – not an emergency situation but also not a good idea to sign financial documents without reading the fine print. Just lookin’ out. )


Sagittarius, it’s time to step into your light! With the Sun returning to your first house of identity, you get to take inventory of your successes over the past year and set intentions for the one to come, focusing on the arenas where you would like to further self-expression. But hold up. Are you feeling some birthday blues? In fact, have all your birthdays had a downer vibe recently? There’s a reason why. Saturn, the planet of judgment, has been hanging out in your first house for the past 3 years, giving your solar returns a heavy feeling. Responsibilities have dampened your natural buoyancy, forcing you to apply the breaks and negotiate your personality around external obligations. Perhaps you’ve let your mental space become preoccupied by fear factors related to your self-worth. Lucky for you, on December 19th, Saturn ingresses into Capricorn, leaving your 1st house behind for 30 years! Isn’t that a good birthday present?! More than any other zodiac sign, Sag season reminds you that states of being are comprised of cyclical patterns. A rut is just a rut. Your task is not to judge yourself by external factors that are out of your control, but to judge yourself by your response to those factors. Mercury’s retrograde cycle beginning on the 3rd may find you wondering about your purpose, feeling like you aren’t using your potential, mourning your missteps. Don’t be hard on yourself, and quit trying to predict the future. This month is a good time to share the lessons you’ve learned over the past year with others. You’ll attract people with your candor, especially after Venus ingresses into Sag on December 1st, giving you an extra magnetism.  There’s a good chance you’ve been inclined towards spiritual work of late, letting magic steer your life behind the scenes. Jupiter in your 12th house uplifts you throughout the year – your intuitive gifts give you perspective and carry you through the hard times. Mars’ ingress into your 12th house on December 9th will see you manifesting imagination into methodology. Just don’t forget about the real world in the process. The New Moon on December 18th is within a 1 degree orb of the Galactic Center in your sign, a powerful recalibration that refreshes your psyche and opens not only a new chapter in your life, but a brand new book as well.


This year you may have experienced some changes on the home front, perhaps a relocation or a new addition to your household. In true Capricorn fashion, you’ve handled these affairs with style, and in tandem you may have rediscovered the thrill that arises with a little bit of uncertainty. Had the carefully crafted structure of your old life furtively dulled your imagination? During Sag season, you want to explore more, feel things more deeply. But where to apply this newfound zeal for the unknown? If you feel inclined to privacy this month, go with your gut. You’ve got new priorities and require a social siesta to work out how to manifest the next phase of your life. Dipping out of the scene won’t lose you any social cred. Your network will be expanding throughout the year, and with a vision in place, the right ally could open a door for you. So for the time being, zen out, meditate and let yourself daydream. The Full Moon in Gemini will present you with self-care opportunities. TAKE THEM. Prioritize your spiritual center. Once you’ve established direction, serendipity will pick up your cause. No need to make any moves towards facilitation until Merc moves out of retrograde. On December 19th, Saturn enters Capricorn and your first house of identity until 2020! For the next three years you mean business; you’re the boss with the plan and everyone knows it.


The Sun moving through the 11th house turns you into a social butterfly this month, Aquarius. Hang on to the people that know you best and support your goals, because oftentimes simply having allies can be a confidence booster that lets you capture lightning in a bottle.  Admit it, you have a special and unique gift to offer your community. Perhaps you are still getting your feet wet in this enterprise, but Jupiter’s expansiveness has been helping you gain some recognition, and it’s trine to Neptune in your 2nd house on December 2nd certainly won’t hurt its investment potential. Now is the perfect time to advertise and open yourself up to networking possibilities. See how much further you can take an idea when you surround yourself with the right team. The Full Moon on December 3rd gives you insights regarding your creativity, perhaps a new artistic perspective is needed. Whatever you do, don’t hide your talents for fear that you need to have all the answers from the outset! Keep it light and have some experimental fun testing the waters. Sag season is for brainstorming, not concretizing. A romantic prospect may appear on the scene in the form of a colleague following Venus’ ingress into Sag on the 1st of December. These things always happen when you’re not paying attention. You may be having too good a time to notice.


Sweet Pisces – your spirit and ideas energize the cultural conversation this month, putting your deeds and actions in the spotlight. Your strength lies in your convictions, and people appreciate your honesty, for it is (for the most part), kindly imparted. The important thing is that you know who you are and stay true to your vision; don’t let all the accolades sweep you off your feet and change your course. The upside of Sag season? You sparkle just by being you. The down? Newfound attention implies you must take on extra social roles you weren’t anticipating and don’t have the time for. The stakes may feel higher than they actually are. Commit to the extent you feel comfortable, don’t try to force engagement. Others may not like when you ghost their parties, but you’ll have your integrity (and breathing room) at the end of the day. The Gemini Full Moon may see you slinking away for some unfettered chill time at the homestead. Assess your newfound celebrity status in the company of close fam and friends – they’ll keep your perspective level. And be prepared for some workplace hiccups during the retrograde season. Wires may get crossed and correspondence lost, so make sure all your holiday requests for time off are approved well in advance of December 3rd.  You won’t be able to disappear if the hammer falls, you rising star, you.


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