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Ever wanted a stress free, healthier life? It may be time to DETOX! I don’t mean those detox pills or drinks you can buy. I mean cleanse your life. Get rid of the people causing you pain in your life, eat better, give yourself peace of mind and learn to love yourself. No one can take care of you like you can. Trust me, I know. Who am I? I am a woman who once put the needs of others above my own. I did not get the same efforts in return.  I lost my confidence, I felt unloved, and I was unhappy. But I decided to take charge of my life. I learned to be a healthier version of me mentally, physically and emotionally.  Having a healthy mind, body and soul is crucial to being stress free and happy.

When people think of being healthy, most think of their physical health, but the truth is, there is much more to being healthy than having a body that allows you to do as you please. In order for you to be truly a healthier you, you should not only focus on your physical well-being but also focus on your mental, emotional and spiritual health. When you do that, only then can you claim that you are indeed a healthy person inside and out.

feed your mind body and soul
How did I do it? First, I had to learn what not to do:

  1. Stressing about things out of my control.
    2. Allowing people to have power over my emotions.
    3. Putting myself down.
    3. Over thinking.
    4. Trying to please everyone.

There is literally no one on this earth that is like you, even if you are a twin. You are unique. Do not ever give someone the power over you to make you feel like you are less than. Treat yourself like the king or queen you are.

Next, I had to learn how to love myself again. How?  I stopped being hard on myself. No one is perfect so embrace the difficult situations in your life. Own them. Learn from them and then move on from them. I also dedicated time to myself every day to get one step closer to accomplishing my dreams. I started this blog, I’m writing multiple books, I’m working on a community service project, and working on starting a few businesses. If I didn’t take the time for me, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I’m also loving my body again. I’m putting the things into my body that will nourish it, and I’m feeling and looking better.

Here are other ways to be a healthier you:

Have fun
Each day, we encounter different problems and obstacles in life. Also, the older we get, the more responsibilities we have, but nevertheless, you deserve to give yourself a break and spend some time away from all of the stressors in life. Think of the things that can make you happy and do it. May it be dancing or singing, don’t let anyone stop you from having fun. Connect to your inner child and do whatever you love.

Exercise your mind
No matter how busy you may be, always allot some time to exercise your mind and stay sharp. Challenge yourself with a new book. Strive to learn something new. Have you ever tried brain games? They’re good for stimulating your brain, help prevent memory loss, improve your attention span, and can be a good calming distraction from the everyday stresses of life. Believe it or not, exercising your brain regularly is beneficial for your well-being.


 Meditate and Pray
Before you even start your day, consider meditating. Through meditation, you hear the desires of you soul. It can help guide you in you day-to-day endeavors, and interactions with those around you. For 5 minutes, meditate in silence. Don’t be distracted with the things around you and instead, just focus on your breathing. By doing so, you would surely be able to attain greater clarity and your stress level will be reduced as well. Whatever or Whoever you believe in, prayer has many benefits to your mind, body and soul. Prayer can help you practice self-control in trying times. When you pray with someone or for someone, it can create an increase of unity and trust. It is particularly important to pray to reduce your stress and produce inner peace. Take a few minutes a few times a day to pray everyday and undisturbed. It will lighten your spirit.

Pamper yourself
Pamper yourself by loving yourself. Take Care of You. Get that massage, that that yoga class, vacation or whatever it is that can make you feel relaxed. When we feel good, on the inside, it reflects on the outside as well. When you truly love and respect yourself, you are able to see the beauty in the people around you and in the world as a whole. Love yourself and treat your body with great care. There is only one you.

Set goals and pursue them
Instead of just simply going with the flow of life, it would be best if you set goals. That way, you will be guided o what path you need to take to get to where you want to be. Stay focused on that goal of yours, put in that work, and you will reach it in due time.

I couldn’t fit all of my tips into my post, but in you’re interest in living a healthier life all around, I created an with 30 ways to have a healthy mind, body, and soul.



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