Some days I still struggle to get through the day. It would either be because I have to many unattended—not quite necessary—ideas or because I feel dry—as dry as the desert. Just because I have settled on having my own personal project(s), it doesn’t mean that I have everything figured out.

As someone who overthinks, I try to reason with everything so much so that it would sometimes distract me from achieving my daily goals or getting simple things done.

The possible reason behind this is simple.

We are information consumers. We inevitably expose ourselves to different strings of information including ones that essentially don’t matter to us. Sometimes, we feel so overwhelmed by them but we don’t know where to release that tension but instead, hold everything in. We’d control because that’s what a rational human being would do, right?

We’d consume even more, trying to find something to occupy our brains that would replace work and things that get our bills paid.

Just when I thought that was bad…


There’s something worse.

It feels even worse when we’d feel stuck or not going anywhere. It’s like you’re trying to do something but it could either be your fear of failure or irrational doubts that are stopping your from going into motion.

Sometimes, you’d question whether you are merely doing just for the sake of filling your time.

You just feel so out of… balance.


It’s okay. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there too.

Ease your thought process by expressing yourself

On days when I am out of balance, there is one thing that I’d do without even trying to find the reason why.

I doodle. Doodle is meaningless but it holds so much meaning to the brain.


I doodle because it dumps all of the unnecessary information from my brain to where they should belong. I’d doodle words and scribbles of things that don’t necessarily have to go into my personal project(s).

It’s straight forward and simple. I remember on a day when I just couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed my colour pencils, pens and notebook. I stayed away and just locked myself in the room for about half an hour. I kind of just let everything flow naturally.

To me, doodling has become important for my thought process so that I’ll only write and do things that would have a meaning or purpose. It’s also because I don’t know where else to channel that frustration out without feeling more tense.

After a productive session of doodling, I felt so good. My mind was no longer overwhelmed. The tense was gone and I felt so much better than had I only slept the problem over.

Doodling has helped me. A lot.

Obviously, you don’t have to go by my rule to express yourself.

What do you do to express yourself? 

Finding “creative inspiration” by exploring

This one is dedicated to my unemployed friends or those who just don’t know where to start.

On my early stage of unemployment, it was so difficult to find what I wanted to do. But there was one thing that I was drawn towards most… it was writing my thoughts and feelings out. But that was it. I didn’t really have any directions or thought of it as something that I wanted to pursue seriously.

If you’re unemployed, it’s so easy to punish yourself thinking that you’re stuck. Let’s say you’re in that rut now; let’s say you haven’t figured out what your personal project(s) are.

Let me just say this: that’s okay.

And let me just say this too:

Stop trying to find what you love to do with the hopes to “feel inspired”. Realistically, you’ll only be wasting your time.

The best thing about unemployment that I can tell you right now is that it gives you a lot of time to explore. I didn’t appreciate this as much as I do now (I really wish I had, but I was fighting another battle within myself months ago).

Still don’t know where to start? I am a firm believer that your nature will guide you on that.wp-1476221641387.jpg

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